Mission Volunteer Readiness Guide

You have decided to take a week or more from your life, family and friends to give your energy, care, focus, and expertise to Project Angkor and the People of Cambodia; Thank You. (Arkun Tran)

To prepare you for such an adventure, the following information will provide you with insight gleaned from experienced Mission Volunteers and useful resources.

The following are Guiding Principles for Safe, Productive, and Mission Ready Capabilities:

Qualities a volunteer can bring to his/her volunteerism:

  • Enthusiasm, passion for the mission goals, positive attitude, energy, embodying a true spirit of volunteerism, be able to start each day of the mission fully rested and ready to work.

  • Know your assigned role and use the Command Structure to seek information (most of you are familiar with the Incident Command System – ICS model).

  • Knowing your actions and words represent the Mission and Vision of Project Angkor seen and heard by impressionable, humble Cambodian medical students and volunteers.

Avoid for a Better Experience:

  • Negativity, Entering into conversations regarding the Cambodian Government or Health System, Complaining about things and not trying to be part of the solution, Not taking into account we are in a different place doing great things with different resources.

  • Extracurricular and post clinic daily activities over clinic activities/hours and the goals of the mission.