Our Mission:

Humanitarian missions serving the people of Cambodia

We work to enhance the health and well-being of the under-served by providing free medical and dental care, while making a lasting impact by educating local doctors, medical students and community practitioners.

We prepare them for the difficulties of serving in a resource-challenged environment.


Our Mission

Project Angkor is an ongoing humanitarian mission serving the people of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our mission is to enhance the health of the under-served by providing free health care. Lasting relationships are built with local doctors, nurses, clinics, and hospitals. Free education and training are provided to local health care professionals and students to prepare them for the difficulties of serving in a resource-challenged environment.

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Our Impact

Project Angkor was founded in 2009 and has been serving the people of Cambodia ever since. To date, the organization has provided medical aid and education to over 27,000 Cambodians.

While Project Angkor's mission continues to grow each year, it will always be dedicated to helping the improvement of health and well-being of the people of Cambodia.



THOUSAND Dollars Raised

We have raised over $236,000.00 to support our medical missions, purchase medical supplies and equipment, and sponsor Cambodian medical students.



Years Serving communities

The Project Angkor team embarked on their first mission over 9 years ago, and has been serving communities all over Cambodia ever since.




Our seven medical missions have seen over 27,000 patients across 5 areas of care - Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental, Opthomology.


Our Team

Project Angkor is an international effort founded in 2009 by Cambodian American immigrants to improve the health and well-being of those living in medically underserved areas of Cambodia. It has grown each year, and now includes an international group of dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers and donors.


Our Programs

Each mission is fully equipped to provided a full spectrum of medical assistance and training for the communities it serves. Our teams are joined by a wide array of medical personnel, specialists and equipment to serve each family that comes to our clinics as a completely as possible.


Our Pediatrics group gives the best medical care for infants, children, and adolescents. Not limited to simply diagnosing and treating, this group prides itself in educating the family to improve the well-being of each family member.


Our Dentistry group provides a wide variety of procedures and preventive treatments to create and maintain beautiful smiles for patients of all ages. Patients are educated on hygienic care, given toothpaste and toothbrushes to maintain a healthy smile.


Our Pharmacy group provides personalized service and care to each patient. Prescription drugs are carefully packaged and distributed, and patients are educated about proper usage to best overcome ailments.


Project Angkor is proud to partner with local medical caregivers as well as medical students striving to be the next generation of caregivers. Their efforts are aided by both medical and non-medical American volunteers.


Our Ophthalmology group dedicates itself to the preservation of vision and prevention of blindness. Eye exams are conducted, prescription glasses are given out, and cataract surgeries are performed to improve patients' vision.


Our Triage group provides the first line of assessment. Vitals are taken and primary ailments are identified so each patient is provided with the best possible care.


Our Internal Medicine group specializes in maintaining and improving each patient's health. The group strives for wellness and disease prevention, gives health screenings, and management of both common and chronic conditions.


Our Emergency Medicine group provides care for urgently ill or wounded patients. They work with local hospitals and doctors to stabilize and care for patients from the minute they arrive at our clinics. 



I went to Cambodia hoping to make a difference instead I came back home—humbled.



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