Project Angkor



The Mission and the Team

Project Angkor is an ongoing humanitarian mission serving the people of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our mission is to enhance the health of the under-served by providing free health care. Lasting relationships are built with local doctors, nurses, clinics, and hospitals. Free education and training are provided to local health care professionals and students to prepare them for the difficulties of serving in a resource-challenged environment.

Project Angkor provides free medical care to patients, and free medical training to local doctors and medical volunteers. Specialties include pediatrics, internal medicine, dentistry, and ophthalmology. Through early intervention and patient education, we strive to improve each patient’s quality of life. Your donations make a difference. 

Please join our international effort.



For each medical mission, all donations and all fundraising activities are for the purpose of buying medicine, medical supplies, and providing medical education. Please contribute where you can. Project Angkor is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity Organization.


Executive Board



Norannsy Chieuchin



Vice President

Nak Chhiv, MD



Darlene Bradely, RN, PHD, MSN




Patricia Loo, MD, MPH


Cambodia Logistics Leader

Danny Vong



Kimmie Yong